Empowerment Grants - Cam Kirk Studios

The Challenge

As part of PayPal’s $530 million commitment to supporting minority-owned businesses, they provided Empowerment Grants to local businesses impacted by the pandemic. Viewpoint was tasked with producing pieces that showcased certain recipients, in a manner that reflected the spirit of the business and the surrounding community.


The Solution

Our team coordinated with local film crews to produce Covid-safe shoots that captured the entrepreneurs in their element. Each edit delivered a dynamic profile of the business that subtly wove in how PayPal’s support helped them get through the pandemic and thrive.

Other Recipients

Matt mullen's empasta Cheeze, greensboro, nc 

Jeanette bolden-pickens' 27th street bakery, los angeles, CA 

Fun Fact

    • The publishing of the Empowerment Grant video on Empasta led to a major spike in sales for the business. The pea milk-based “cheeze” comes in spicy and regular varieties and our crew was incredibly impressed by the flavor.

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