The Worcester 6: Heroes Remembered Content Series

The Challenge

Raise awareness and drive donations for The Leary Firefighters Foundation by recognizing the 20th anniversary of the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire that claimed the lives of six firefighters in 1999.


The Solution

Deliver a short-form documentary series that honors the fallen firefighters and showcases the impact of the fire on the City of Worcester, its fire department, and the families involved. Using a roll-out strategy that launched on the 20th anniversary of the tragedy, which coincided with Giving Tuesday, the series delivered new episodes weekly to sustain viewership and drive support for the foundation.

Featuring interviews with firefighters, family members, and Denis Leary, the series included five episodes, plus teasers and promotional elements. Apart from their placement on The Leary Firefighters Foundation website, the series was featured on the Rachel Ray Show, and earned significant engagement across Foundation’s social media channels.

"I have received and heard nothing but overwhelming praise about the series and, Leary Firefighter Foundation received a big spike in donations during the postings of each episode on social media.

This was a huge initiative for the foundation and continues to build awareness for it. Viewpoint Creative produced a great series that was beautifully and respectfully executed."

Denis Leary
Leary Firefighter Foundation



worcester 6 logo




worcester 6 billboard

Ep 1: "December 3rd, 1999"

Ep 2: "LIfe After"

Ep 3: "The Leary Firefighter Foundation"

Ep 4: "The Next Generation"

Ep 5: "Twenty Years After"

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