Press Freedom defense fund

The Challenge

First Look Media’s Press Freedom Defense Fund provides resources for the legal support of reporters, news organizations and whistleblowers who are targeted by powerful entities for attempting to bring to light information that is in the public interest. PFDF came to Viewpoint to help get this vital message out.


The Solution

With limited available video footage and restrictions on shooting during a pandemic, Viewpoint’s creative team turned to their in-house illustrators and animators to create evocative illustrated imagery that helped turn complex information into impactful storytelling.

The video was designed to be modular, so images can be easily updated to feature the most recent cases, such as that of investigative journalist & CEO of Rappler, Maria Ressa, who has been charged in criminal and civil actions brought in retaliation for critical reporting of the Duterte regime in the Philippines.

Design exploration

Client Props

"Viewpoint immediately just got it. They understood that this piece needed to be bold, clear and impactful. It also needed to capture the independent spirit and fearless pursuit of truth that defines First Look Media and the people the Press Freedom Defense Fund helps defend.”
- Jen Robertson, SVP of Marketing, First Look Media

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