Better Call Saul

The Challenge

AMC was looking for a conceptual way to tease the second season of their critically acclaimed show, Better Call Saul. The last season left Jimmy McGill (Saul) at a crucial crossroads in his life, deciding whether to remain legit, or step outside the realm of law and order. The spot needed to reflect the ‘crossroads’ theme, get returning fans excited, and creating intrigue for those who hadn’t yet tuned in.


The Solution

We decided to create an outward manifestation of Jimmy McGill’s inner conflict in the form of a mariachi song. Then we set the band’s performance in a seedy New Mexico dive bar representing the world Jimmy is about to enter as Saul Goodman. The camera moves through the crowd encountering a variety of rough characters as the mariachi band performs. Only in the end do we see that Jimmy McGill is there among them, seeming nervous and conflicted despite the confident ‘Yo Soy Saul’ song that plays behind him. We end with Jimmy getting an anonymous - and ominous - phone call.


better caul saul inspiration


better call saul storyboard




better caul saul online response

Fun Facts

  • This spot was carefully choreographed and shot in one continuous 30-second Movi take.
  • Show-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould penned the song “Yo Soy Saul”, with music composed by Mariachi Bandido.
  • On the day of the shoot, Bob Odenkirk was only available to us for 50 minutes. But with careful planning and a lot of practice before his arrival, we were able to execute 14 takes of the continuous Movi shot.

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