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Workload Automation

The Ask

Showcase the ease and power of CA Workload Advanced Integration for Hadoop, CA Agent Orchestrator, and Distributed Workload. Or, for you non-techies out there, demonstrate how CA products put IT professionals in control of big data.

The Solve

CA makes managing big data easy. Here at Viewpoint, we make complex information easy. Easy to watch and keep watching. That’s because we believe all content should be engaging. We do it through great story telling coupled with design that delights.

Big Data

Design Frames

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Fun Fact

Our design team named each animated character after well-known fictional agents, including Jack Reacher, Ethan Hunt, Doctor No, Paulina, and Mr. Waddlesworth.

Client Quote:

Producing a video with the right message that keeps and commands the customers’ attention is one of the many reasons why we choose Viewpoint Creative! In order to produce great, insightful videos, there must be an understanding of the technology and the benefit it delivers wrapped up in a creative and concise message. Delivering this in a customer use case coupled with superior writing/production talent, now that’s the Viewpoint Creative advantage! Jean Rissmiller
Sr. Principle Product Marketing
CA Technologies

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