National Geographic Channel - We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks

We Steal Secrets

The Ask

National Geographic Channel wanted to launch a provocative promo to build tension for the network premiere of “We Steal Secrets.” They asked us to visually explore the tech aspects of the documentary, while hinting at Julian Assange’s mysterious dichotomy between hero and villain.

The Solve

We created a graphic style inspired by data and surveillance, and animated it with a multi-layered “glitch” technique that seamlessly transitions the footage into a cyber world. The design uses a dark, refined color palette to represent the urgent, thriller-esque nature of the film. The promo was given a trailer-like feel in order to pose the big questions within the documentary and to build hype around unveiling the truth behind wikileaks.

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  • Client - National Geographic Channel

Fun Fact

Sound design allowed for a lot of experimentation. Our engineer abstracted sound effects of lightning and a slamming door with time expansion and compression, then ran everything through guitar processing to create the data-inspired noises that accompany the video.

Client Quote:

There are very few houses we feel comfortable partnering with for both edit and graphics because very few are adept at both. Viewpoint Creative crushes both. We have complete confidence that they'll exceed our expectations and 100% of the time, they do. Nicole Strong
Senior Writer Producer
National Geographic Channels

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