HBO - Vice News Tonight

This is Not the
Nightly News

The Ask

HBO came looking for a launch spot and continuity strategy for TV’s newest and most provocative daily news show: Vice News Tonight. The show would break the traditional TV news paradigm and the advertising needed to do the same.

The Solve

We threw traditional news elements out the window: no hand-holding, no talking heads, and no filters. With disruptive intent, the promotion bombards viewers with multiple auditory messages, letting them walk away with their own interpretation of the news. The experience is immersive. The tone is raw. And the design is essential, reflecting the core Vice brand. This isn’t just new… it’s news.

Continuity Structure

Design Frames

Key Art Exploration


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  • Client - HBO

FUn Facts

VICE started as a free monthly punk magazine in Montreal in 1994.

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