Cisneros - Ve Plus Rebrand

Ve Plus Rebrand

The Ask

Cisneros came to us looking to take their Venevision+Plus logo and brand identity in a whole new direction. They wanted their new look to more accurately reflect their current, young and vibrant audiences in Latin America.

The Solve

We developed a brand look made up of 'gooey candy-like' elements and subtle patterns. We evolved the original brand colors to give them extra ‘pop,’ and delivered a finished look that’s as sleek and lively as Ve Plus’s audience.

Design Frames

Brand Guidelines


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  • Client - Cisneros

Fun Facts

Cisneros' new brand look was inspired by Katie Perry’s “California Girls” music video.

The logo we created was first rendered in 3D, then flattened into a 2D version. Usually it's the other way around!

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