Travel Channel - Travel Channel Upfront 2015

The power to take you everywhere

The Ask

For their 2015 upfront presentation, Travel Channel needed a way to stand out from the crowd. They had to capture the attention of their annual group of media-buyers, an audience notorious for being easily distracted. For our third year working with them, we knew we needed to do more than create a formulaic “sizzle” video that showcased new and returning series.

The Solve

We created a conceptual video that captured the broader spirit of Travel and demonstrated its lifestyle appeal to the ad buyers’ target consumers. The piece demonstrated the concept of “Everywhere” through seamless editorial transitions between footage from all around the world. We then shot Travel Channel talent delivering a mantra for the network in six different locations. Finally, it was all cut to an emotionally powerful soundtrack. The result was an aspirational, inspiring upfront video that gave viewers goosebumps and made a lasting impression with the audience.

Brand Spot :20

Venice Beach Time Lapse

Behind The Scenes

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Fun Facts

During our shoot in L.A., we hired a local graffiti artist to spraypaint the Travel Channel logo on Venice Beach’s famous public graffiti wall. (see time lapse video below)

Despite our high hopes for good weather in California, it rained all day on our Venice Beach shoot!

While shooting at a Mexican grocery store, a tamale maker happened by with a cart filled with incredible, fresh tamales. Word circulated amongst the crew and soon we called an impromptu tamale break so everyone could enjoy them.

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