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The Ask

Toolkits are used for promos, program packaging, sales tapes, upfronts, product launches and many other sales and promotion needs. Keeping them on-brand, clearly delivering information and of course, assuring they are quick and easy to use are the top three wishes of every client. Without an efficient system, using a toolkit developed by an outside partner can be quite a frustrating and stressful process. So we set out to make it simpler.

The Solve

We build superluminal, comprehensive toolkits that streamline the promo-building process. Viewpoint's design army works your creative crews to design, build, organize and animate smart, easy-to-use toolbox systems that blast through brand chaos to convey a unified visual message to your viewers.

Save time. Save budgets. Save the galaxy.

Our After Effects-based toolkits are organized to the nines, clearly labeled and built so anyone can use them. Animators and editors can quickly build opens, end pages, title cards and lower thirds and render them for Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro on Mac or PC-based editing systems.

When you have to work quickly, project timelines can get messy. Without proper organization and labeling, the next animator or editor to pick up the project has to first decipher the working files and can easily confused, resulting in wasting precious time and money. Our project timelines are built to be clean, concise and well labeled. You’ll always know where to drop footage, select brand colors, change text, slide timing and adjust placement.

We provide a comphrehensive style guide that showcases the full range of the toolkit and how to use it. The guide also links to online web samples of each element animated for reference.

Click here to download our Toolkits Tips guide!

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Why Toolkits?

- Easy to use

- Organized

- Versatile

- Brand Unity

- Expandable

- Premiere/Avid/FCP Compatible

- On-Going Support

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