Point People

Meet our award-winning team.

Penny Benatovich

operating as Producer

My earliest claim to fame is at 3 years old when I pretended to be a mannequin at a department store while my family raced past me numerous times trying to find me. I've worked with everyone, seen some crazy things and lived to tell, and keep learning something new every day.

James Coulson

operating as Senior Creative Director

James cut off the end of his finger when he fell through a glass table while studying for his Masters degree in Holland (five minutes before his insurance ran out). He used to secretly meet his girlfriend in Doctor Who’s Tardis, whilst working for the BBC in London. After re-branding Sci-Fi to Syfy, he drove 14,000 miles across America and made a documentary series. More recently he got married in Syria in one of the oldest monasteries in the world, while Russian gunships flew by. You should meet him, he’s a good bloke.

Don Days

operating as Editor / Animator

I am an editor/animator. I enjoy music and movies. I live at home with my family.

Lisa Dibella

operating as Controller

My name is Lisa and I am not one of those “boring” accountants. I love working here at Viewpoint. There are a couple of things that you will notice once you get to know me. One of them is that I am a runner and that I love to run. When I am not working I am either training with the Wicked Running Club out of Salem, MA or I am participating in one of many races that will earn me a tech shirt or perhaps a jacket with my name on the sleeve. Another thing about me is that I love to chat; stop by the business office and I will offer advice on just about anything or talk your ear off about my daughter.

Anny Din

operating as Associate Producer

My name is Anny (ah-knee). Many people misspell/mispronounce my name although it only has four letters. I’m very passionate about producing and love being the go-to person with all the answers. If I don’t know the answer right away, I sure do know how to find it for you. I’m also a volleyball coach in my spare time (which in turn leaves me with no spare time) and love to sing.

David Dinisco

operating as Director of Creative Production

The legend is that I was born behind a Grass Valley switcher at WBZ-TV, and was raised lovingly by the engineers and creatives. I am the 2nd longest-term employee at Viewpoint Creative (next to the President), and have consistently kept the company at the cutting edge of both technology and creativity using my dual-powered right-brain/left-brain. I enjoy photography, travel, hiking, skiing, and coming up with new things to do with FileMaker.

Carlo Dipersio

operating as President

I love watching talented people do what they love to do. I love seeing our team create magic. I love people that break into a sweat during brainstorming. I love people that leave their egos at home.I love people that give of themselves to help others less fortunate, share their knowledge, and help a cause they believe in. I love people that get more excited about our client’s success than winning awards.I love people that can tell a story and make you laugh, cry, ponder or reconsider. I love people that enjoy Cannoli Tuesdays, Cookie Thursdays and Bagel Fridays and Scotch Club. I love people that bring their dogs to work. I love the people that ARE Viewpoint Creative.

Amanda Griffin

operating as Designer

My career actually started at age 7, when I spent all my free time designing houses on The Sims. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to upgrade a bit since then, but the idea of having a creative vision in mind and then making it come to life has always been so fascinating to me. Especially taking an entire experience with real emotion and expressing it through design. I have a passion for connecting the two. Exploring, traveling, and running are my sources for inspiration. I do my best creative thinking when I am outside experiencing the world. And when I’m stuck inside, I’m busy crafting, puzzle-ing, and caring for my hundreds of plants.

Dana Isenberg

operating as Producer

I come to Viewpoint with a background in live action production and have enjoyed being a part of the creative process & environment. I am able to combine my love of production and dumpster diving under one roof at Viewpoint where I shelter found chairs as if they were so many lost cats. My recovered discards can be found at the end of many a producer's desk where people sit but never linger for fear the decrepit relic will buckle underneath them. I will continue to drag my trash heaps to Chapel Street until someone tells me not to.

Livja Jaho

operating as Creative Services Assistant

As the Creative Services Assistant to the Editorial and Production teams I edit video, facilitate production, search/screen footage for upcoming projects as well as conceptualize ideas for social media content. When I'm not at VPC, I enjoy going to heavily discounted fitness classes from Groupon, listening (*crying*) to stories about love, loss and redemption on NPRs podcast “Modern Love”, and seeing/writing/performing sketches at Improv Boston.

Kristen Levesque

operating as Creative Editor

Hi! I'm Kristen. I take pride being from New England and being able to face the wrath of Mother Nature, who can't seem to make up her mind. I believe in doing the best you can with what you are given. I'm bringing my creative talent and "awesomeness" into the Post department. You'll find me peering over Janet's shoulder on cookie thursdays in the VC kitchen. I also have an irrational fear of belly buttons.

Michael Middeleer

operating as Executive Creative Director

My path has been one big circle… from Boston to NYC to LA and back to Boston. There is no specific reason why I ended up back in Boston unless it is destiny or karma or the simple pleasure of going in circles. But having been a creative director at HBO, a Vice President at FX, not to mention evolving and marketing brands from Staples to ESPN with Viewpoint Creative, I’ve learned that no matter where you are, the goal remains the same: to tell great stories. It always circles back to that.

John Murnane

operating as Director of Content

I’ve shot dog sled races and demolition derbies, mayonnaise commercials and MMA fights. At one point in time, if you emailed ESPN for fantasy football advice, I likely answered your query. On weekends you can find me in the kitchen, cooking with my kids. Or occasionally in a kayak, fishing rod in hand. Should you require a restaurant recommendation, I’m your man.

Erik Quenzel

operating as Director of Engineering

I am the Director of Engineering. I have been working in Broadcasting or Film and Video production for over 30 years. My favorite food is beer. Or steak. Or steak and beer.

Jack Sheehan

operating as Creative Editor

I'm Jack, I love movies, music and TV. I started making movies when I was a kid, and eventually made my way to Hollywood after college. After a few years, I came back to Boston so I could work in my favorite city. When I'm not working with footage, I enjoy playing the guitar and drums with friends. The dog you see with me is Buddy. He is a professional escape artist and food connoisseur.

David Shilale

operating as General Manager and Executive Producer

Using both the left and right sides of my brain is a must for me - I believe in order to succeed in business you need to be creative, and, in order to be creative, well, you need to just be. I have an uncanny attention to detail and have to say ‘hi’ to any dog I see on the street. To this day, I still don’t think my parents know what I really do (sorry mom & dad) - I love the challenge of solving what seems to be unsolvable and anything to do with live action. If I weren’t in this business I’d be working with dogs. Projects and clients…I’ve worked on and with just about every kind and look forward to the ones I haven’t. Did I mention I like dogs?

Eric Skvirsky

operating as Producer

I come to Viewpoint with a background in video production. One of my favorite production experiences has been building 15 feet worth of scaffolding…in a rainstorm. I love helping a team navigate its way through complicated situations, so this position certainly fit the bill. Being in Boston though, is more of a love-hate relationship with the New England winters for me.

Katie Tricot

operating as Executive Producer

I grew up with a tennis racket in my hand and one of my biggest life achievements is winning a set off of Sharapova as a junior player in Florida. These days my shots are a bit rustier and I am more likely to be found with a ping pong paddle in my hand than a racket. My European roots bring me back to Italy and France often where I get my yearly shot of pastries, cheese, pasta, bread, and more pastries. I find it thrilling to ignite great creative solutions for our partners needs.

Nora Walsh

operating as Director of Operations

Career project manager, lifetime Type A. It all started with my starring role as the angel in a nativity play when I was little, and, as my mom tells it, I proceeded to cue the other kids when it was their turn to come down the church aisle. I feel I was destined to boss people around, but in an angelic way. I love gardening, knitting, Star Wars and CATS! But don’t tell the office dogs about the cat thing…so far, they think I’m cool.

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