ABC/Lincoln Square Productions - The Last Defense

Main Title Sequence

The Last Defense main title sequence takes viewers on a visual journey of a convicted killer – from crime scene to conviction to death row prison cell.

Using stylized monochromatic imagery and a single red highlight, we depict each stage of the criminal justice process. Seamless transitions cleverly connect one scene to the next. Finally, a tactile graphic look captures the gritty tone of this ABC network show, but is counterpointed with symbols of hope -- birds in flight. As Viola Davis’ voice-over reminds us, of the three thousand inmates on death row, five are found innocent every year.

Style Frames

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Fun Facts:

The show's premiere on June 12th drew ABC’s biggest summertime audience to the 10 p.m. hour since August 2016.

The first hour of The Last Defense was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in April followed by a panel discussion with executive producers Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, Christine Connor and attorney Dale Baich.

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