TruTv - Summer Stunt

truTV Summer Stunt

The Ask

truTV came to us to create an eye-catching and memorable summer stunt campaign & toolbox. They needed a promo toolbox package to bring attention to their sneak peak week, premiere week, and an ongoing season of new episodes for a full slate of shows. They were looking for something unique to reflect their quirky brand and connect all their new summer premieres into a cohesive campaign.

The Solve

Using traditional stop motion, we created a series of customizable, lighthearted “summer' scenes including a recurring, mischievous crab character that instigates show tags and sneak peaks. We built our own "beach set” and filled our studio with hundreds of pounds of sand for two and a half weeks and shot all the elements in-house, with minimal compositing. truTV walked away with three unique spots and an easy-to-use toolkit to continue to showcase their new summer content both on-air and online.

Design Exploration

Design Stills

Behind the Scenes


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  • Client - TruTv

Fun Facts

Only two skateboards and one cooler were destroyed in the making of this stunt.

Our studio was transformed into a small beach for two and a half weeks, with 700 pounds of sand delivered to our offices.

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