Investigation Discovery - Son of Sam

Capturing a Madman

The Ask

For the 40th anniversary of the notorious Son of Sam case, Investigation Discovery created a documentary special exploring the tragic murders as told by those closest to the case. To launch the event, they wanted an on-air campaign that would take viewers back in time to the extraordinary manhunt that brought New York to its knees.

The Solve

We developed a visual concept focusing on the role of New York City’s burgeoning tabloids in the Son of Sam slayings. Utilizing macro shots of custom-made headlines and articles delivering our own messaging, we created a powerful graphic look that captured the media-fueled mass hysteria of the time.

Style Frames

Title Design

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Fun Facts

We originally wanted to use the song that is most notoriously linked to Son of Sam – “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. Unfortunately (and understandably), David Byrne loathes being associated with the case.

We were able to create a custom font that almost exactly mimics the one used by the New York Post in 1976 for our faux headlines.

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