Scripps Networks - Snuggle Co-Branded Content

Scents of Summer

The Ask

Using a real consumer mom, not an actor, create a series of co-branded content vignettes balancing the brand and product values of both Snuggle and Scripps Network’s powerful array of lifestyle brands.

The Solve

We spent several days filming Veronica, a busy working Mom, documenting her day to day life and getting her to tell us how fresh scents make a positive difference in her home and her life. The power of smell became a springboard for everything from great tips when entertaining to special ways to transform your home into a calming oasis.

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  • Client - Scripps Networks

Fun Fact:

Our AD had a secret crush on the Snuggle Bear as a child and when she found out the real Snuggle Bear was going to be on set she flipped (in a good way).

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