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The Ask

For the last few years, History Channel has reached out to us to create videos designed to alert and excite advertisers about upcoming programming. In 2017, the spot light was on their returning hit series (there are a lot!). And in 2018, they wanted to call attention to 100 hours of premium documentaries hitting the air. We were thrilled to help them get the word out.

The Solve

The iconic red line is central to History’s visual brand identity and that’s where we focused our thinking. We took that line -- and viewers -- on a journey, exploring a new universe of visual possibilities. We gave the line depth and dimension, developed fresh ways for it to incorporate still imagery, and showed how the line, typography and great editorial can engage audiences while continually showcasing the programming in unexpected ways.

Returning Series Sizzle

History 100 Style Frames

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Fun Facts:

15 hours were spent sourcing and choosing the best footage for the project!

To help tell the story of the Iranian hostage crisis in the History 100 spot, we obtained and shot an archival newspaper from 1980.

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