Investigation Discovery - Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay

Hunt For a Madman

The Ask

When ID Channel prepared to launch its first scripted drama series, they asked us to conceive, design and edit a riveting on-air campaign packing the punch of a theatrical trailer.

The Solve

Taking care never to reveal the identity of the real-life killer, we centered the creative on the police’s manhunt and the palpable sense of fear sweeping the nation. Design integrates elements from police investigation walls and a chilling tally count of the killer’s victims that transforms into the logo. These visuals, together with eerie sound design and stunning editorial, keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Design Frames

Design Exploration

  • Client - Investigation Discovery

Fun Facts:

The goal was not to reveal the killer – there are only hints the killer in the edit – can you figure out who it was?

To give it an eerie tone, the edit features sound effects created with a human voice in our VO booth.

One Viewpoint baby was born in the production of these promos.

Our editor spent a ton of hours on Wikipedia researching and reading up on the true events of this story.

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