EPIX - Road to the Winter Classic

When the Gloves
Come Off

The Ask

With the return of “Road to the Winter Classic,” Epix wanted to give viewers an inside look at the lives of the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens off the ice and behind the scenes while building tension for their outdoor showdown. Our task was to give viewers a taste of what they could expect from the special and get them pumped for a closer look at their favorite teams.

The Solve

We decided to take the players’ tough on-ice personas and contrast them with more relatable aspects of their lives . We shot both teams behind the scenes on the ice, in the locker room, training, working out, and just having some fun. For the lines, first they were in full uniform, then in street clothes as they revealed their everyday personalities: a dad, a husband, a fashionisto, and- just like the audience- big hockey fans. At the same time, we conveyed the intensity of the rivalry by compositing the players into the wintery environment of the impending outdoor game.

Road to the Winter Classic Boston Tease

Road to the Winter Classic Tease

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Behind the Scenes

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Fun Facts

We hit it off with P.K. Subban even though we’re from Boston- By the end of the shoot he was in the director’s chair helping us go through selects!

Our 5’2” makeup artist had some trouble touching up Zdeno Chára, who stands 7’2” in skates and holds the record for the tallest player in the NHL.

For the Boston Bruins shoot we created a make-shift ‘studio’ by pitching a huge event tent in the practice facility parking lot. In between their practice regiments the players would come out to the tent for their portion of the shoot.

Patrice Bergeron’s wife had their first baby the day after we filmed the Bruins - phew!

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