EPIX - Road to the NHL Outdoor Classics

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The Ask

EPIX needed an enticing launch for its third season of Road to the NHL Outdoor Classics, the show that takes viewers off the ice and behind the scenes with the teams gearing up for the Winter Classic games. While hyping up the series and getting fans excited, the spot also had to explain how EPIX was adding two more teams and another game, The Centennial Classic, to its usual lineup.

The Solve

Our team created a 3D outdoor hockey rink and a unique graphic badge to represent each competition in an epic, snowy environment. We intercut that with behind the scenes footage to build energy around the series, and used concise messaging to pump up viewers for this year’s new two-part classic.

See our promo from 2016 here.

Director's Cut

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Fun Facts

Our designers couldn’t help but finish an initial conceptual tease for the spot, an artistic rendering of icy ropes intertwining and forming a net.

The skate seen from below the ice actually belongs to one of our designers and former hockey player, Matt.

Client Quote:

We work with Viewpoint not only because of the creativity but the amazing process. It’s great fun working with these great down-to-earth professionals who create stellar work! BJ Smith
Senior Creative Director

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