HGTV - Re-Design And Brand Identity

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The Ask

HGTV asked us to refresh their network look in a way that reflected how today’s consumers use social media to inform their home design and purchase decisions.

The Solve

Everyday people are on their digital devices pinning favorites and dog-earing possibilities. Our design strategy takes this ‘tagging’ theme and turns it into a central branding motif, bringing consumers on a journey filled with HGTV inspiration and ideas. The full identity package includes a robust toolkit and a garage-full of shoot-based elements featuring HGTV’s awesome network talent.

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Behind The Scenes

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  • Client - HGTV

Fun Fact

The final toolkit contained 93 deliverables.

Client Quote:

Viewpoint provided us with all the necessary tools to do the job on a daily basis. Todd Troop

It looks amazing on air... Jennifer Leitman
VP, Marketing & Creative HGTV

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