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It's Fundamental

The Ask

In early 2015, allegations of embellishment and outright fabrication against some of the biggest names in network news rocked the journalistic world. While no one from CBS was named in these allegations, they recognized that the public’s faith in broadcast journalism had been fundamentally shaken. They came to Viewpoint looking for a way to reaffirm their commitment to journalistic integrity in a public way, instilling confidence for both their longtime viewership and new viewers looking for the most accurate original reporting in the business.

The Solve

We decided that the fast-paced, non-stop world of breaking news needed to take a little break. It was important in the campaign to pause for just a few moments to recall and reaffirm the commitment every reporter must make to the fundamentals of journalism: Honesty, accuracy, fairness. We created a simple but powerful journalistic mantra. Then we reinforced it with a behind-the-scenes look at the huge variety of people that make CBS News possible and, just as importantly, keep each other accountable.

Design Frames

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Fun Facts:

The team at CBS News is so big, in fact, that we created and delivered multiple versions of the spot in order to include as many of them as possible.

Through the edit process, we continued to receive phenomenal photos from CBS teams stationed all over the world, from Tunisia, to Beijing, to the Gaza Strip.

Client Quote:

To underscore the importance of the global group effort that goes into making every CBS News program live up to our slogan "Original Reporting" the team at Viewpoint delivered the perfect creative. Using still photography in a new and vibrant way we were able to take our viewers with us on the journey we make every day. The treatment, pacing, cut and music they brought to our campaign at a critical time for us and broadcast news in general positioned us perfectly and got is rave reviews. Thanks guys for the extraordinary work. Dave McCoy

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