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The Ask

PBS wanted a brand anthem video to capture their enduring spirit and range of programming. Rather than a direct appeal for funding, they wanted to engage viewers emotionally, prompting them think about what PBS means to them, and its role as a public service.

The Solve

We began with a script outlining the shared values of PBS and its loyal audience, young and old. We then incorporated a diverse cast of real PBS viewers to deliver the mission statement, while showcasing the breadth of contemporary and classic PBS network favorites. By combining the nonprofit’s ambitious vision with a massive range of clips from its iconic programs, we were able to create a powerful and inspiring brand anthem that resonated in a big way.

Design Stills

Behind the Scenes

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  • Client - PBS


Daytime Emmy Award - Best Promotional Anouncement - Image

Winner - Bronze

PromaxBDA General Image Spot, Long Format

Fun Facts

This video was originally intended to play out simply as clips and cards. As PBS saw the creative develop they got more and more excited. This resulted in an expanded scope which include voiceover and a full live-action shoot.

Despite what seems like a wide range of environments, all of our shoot locations were within two blocks of one another!

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