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The Ask

OoOtie (pronounced Oh-tie) came to us to help define their e-commerce brand. Bow ties are cool, so we jumped at the chance to brand OoOtie, the Boston-based custom bow tie maker with MIT roots. In order to revamp their visual identity and create a digital content strategy for this lifestyle brand, we needed to layout a plan that included logo designs, branded photography for their social channels and website (both prop-based and with models), short videos, gifs, and animations. This massive content outline all had to fit with their positioning in the accessories market and with their specific buyer personas.

The Solve

With a series of educational content videos, consistent social content creation, product videos, and photography, we equipped OoOtie with the tools to establish themselves as the go-to bow tie provider for shoppers in the market for a cool, quirky, and unique look. We created their logo to stand out in all kinds of media settings, giving it a slightly different look for each platform, and developed a logo mark designed to be used when the brand needs to be compact and essential. Being an e-commerce brand, we focused on creating content around holidays and specific buying times throughout the year to maximize OoOtie's sales. To celebrate the changing seasons and moods we created playful tie animations for important tie-wearing occasions like Back-to-School and Formal Events. And to coincide with OoOtie's humorous brand positioning, we created a rap-style parody video titled "How To Tie a Bow Tie", which currently has 4.6k views on their Facebook page (scroll down to check-out the video, you won't be disappointed!).

Now, are you ready for these numbers!? In total we created:
  • 4 How-To Videos
  • 1 Behind The Scenes Video
  • 30 Video Animations
  • 453 Photos With Models
  • 12 Website Photos
  • 20 Holiday Promotional Images
  • 30 Evergreen Social Images
Bringing us to a grand total of 550 assets all created over the span of 8 months! This large scale content-creation project set OoOtie up for success to continue with their digital marketing efforts into the future.

Logo Design

Brand Look & Feel

Brand Photography

Social Content

Holiday Social Content

Video Content

BTS Photos

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Fun Facts:

We photographed a total of 53 different bow ties in various styles and settings.

From May, 2017- June, 2017 OoOtie's Pinterest account doubled in the number of views their images received from 15,000 to 30,000 views!

One of our OoOtie models has over 66k followers on Instagram!

Client Quote:

I just wanted to initially say THANK YOU for all the hard work on this project and the wonderful output you guys did. It was a pleasure working with you over the past year... many thanks for making OoOtie into a true "brand". It's amazing to see where we were last year compared to now! Leslie Pearlson

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