HBO - Network Redesign and Brand Identity

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The Ask

HBO was looking for more than pretty pictures for their brand identity. They wanted a strategically designed and structured network interface. This new network redesign would engage viewers between shows, provide easy navigation to upcoming programming, and foster effortless cross-platform flow.

The Solve

This premium brand experience was designed and executed to allow HBO’s sterling content to come forward unencumbered by heavy or unnecessary graphic elements. We redefined “breaks” as “bridges”, thinking of each element as micro-content that would engage as well as inform consumers. We also developed new navigational elements, driving consumers to HBO GO, HBO On Demand and, empowering them to experience the entire universe of HBO on their own terms.

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Fun Fact:

Over 146 custom and customizable elements were created for the family of nine HBO networks.

Client Quote:

...thanks for always making us look so good. We get our sense of style from you (but let's keep that our little secret)." Chris Spencer

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