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The Ask

Create a high-concept upfront campaign touting the power of the Scripps Network Interactive (SNI) brand group for its 2017 Upfront Presentation. We needed to provide a unified brand look for environmental displays and collateral, as well as videos to kick off the show. These presentations would travel the country, starting at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall.

The Solve

Food Network, Travel Channel and HGTV enjoy the most engaged consumer audience of any network brands. We established a visual identity designed to let their stars and content shine through together with a signature line motif representing each brand’s vitality and transformative power. The brand ‘look’ needed to be easy to use, enabling our client to implement it across all marketing materials.

The videos served two purposes. The first video ("Audience") was designed to demonstrate how each brand ignites creativity and unleashes the joy of living. It also speaks to how these brands connect with engaged consumers at key “buying” moments in their lives.

The second video focuses on the unique environment that these networks offer to advertisers. They are constantly creating new content. And their platforms are the most relatable, inspiring and safe places in the network universe for sponsors to showcase their brands.

Audience Video

Banners & Collateral

New York Upfront Event

Style Guide

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Fun Facts:

For our Environment Video we worked with 16 different shows, 14 production companies in 18 locations in 12 cities and two foreign countries. Did we mention 1 boat in a swamp on a Louisiana bayou?

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