AETN International - Mipcom Installation

The Filmstrip Experience*

The Ask

A+E wanted to create a memorable event experience for buyers and celebrities at MIPCOM, a yearly convergence of major industry players in Cannes. Their goal was to immerse attendees within their creative process and give a behind-the-scenes look at A+E’s high-volume content creation.

The Solve

We created a cohesive installation, pulling together hours of very specific and targeted A+E’s portfolio content. Movement, framing, focal length, speed and of course the content itself all played a crucial part in the selection process and ultimately the choreography of the 3 row, 24 frame filmstrip device. In between hosting the entire family of content, we added 'traveling' effects enabling us to journey and showcase specific shows displayed in the filmstrip. The finished 3 minute and 41 seconds environmental video stretched over 25’ in size and featured over 15 A&E shows.

* Sample segment of full video

Style Frames

Live Event

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  • Client - AETN International

Fun Facts:

Talk about a lot of footage! Our animator’s project had 60 timelines simultaneously playing media in the filmstrip. That makes this project about two hours long.

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