National Geographic Society - Membership Campaign

We Are All Explorers

The Ask

Redefine the value and benefits of a National Geographic Society membership to a new, digitally engaged consumer.

The Solve

Today’s National Geographic Society is all about participation, connection and community -- breaking down walls between everyday people and The Society's mission. The “We Are All Explorers” campaign was specifically designed to capture this new spirit, by showing real people engaged in the act of discovery and placing them side-by-side with professional explorers. Using crowd-sourced footage, a great tune by “Guster” and dynamic, immersive design, we gave a new meaning to what membership is all about.

As part of the campaign, we also created print and banner ads, showing how membership brings you closer to leading National Geographic Explorers, educators and conservationists.

Magazine Full Page Ad

Banner Ad Campaign

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Design Exploration

  • Client - National Geographic Society

Fun Facts:

We received videos that were shot in in China, Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Yosemite, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, Italy, and Argentina.

If you look closely you can find some of Viewpoint's staff in the piece.

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