A+E - Live PD

Live PD Season 2 Promo

The Ask

A&E’s series, Live PD, follows real police officers in the line of duty, letting viewers see what goes down on the front lines as it happens – live! A&E asked us to create a high-energy spot to launch the second season.

The spot needed to appeal to sports fanatics who are a prime target for the series.

The Solve

We made the spot an experience that sports fans totally relate to -- with play-by-play analysis and dynamic, branded graphics that break down the action. This is edge of your seat drama and we remind viewers that they can be part of the action as they watch, utilizing the #LivePDNation twitter feed.

Style Frames

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Fun Facts:

LivePD's official Twitter account receives more than 100,000 interactions during each week's live broadcasts! And, they receive another 23,000 tweets during the show's repeats!

During the course of the show, there are 12 different police units being filmed with 3 cameras per unit. That's a total of 36 cameras recording all the live action at once!

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