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Shining at CES

The Ask

After a successful year gathering buzz and gaining funding from some big players in the industry, Fasetto knew they wanted to make a splash at CES. We needed to update their product overview video to reflect the newest design of their cutting edge digital storage and connectivity device, Link. To help show its practical uses, we also needed to create two new animated videos with graphics that could cut through the trade-show floor clutter, and help establish LINK as one of the top products at CES.

The Solve

We extended Fasetto’s brand into an illustrative graphic style, and delivered two custom videos for their five 50” plasma screen setup at CES. We created web versions of the same videos that included audio. And we were able to update our previous product overview video with minimal reshooting, thanks to some skillful 3D modeling that was lit, textured, and motion-tracked to to match shots and appear natural in the original video. In all, we were able to modify and extend the Fasetto brand to ensure they would grab attention at their most important event of the year.

Media Hub Video

LINK Anthem Update

CES Client Testimonial Video

Collaboration Style Frames

Media Hub Style Frames

CES Booth

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Fun Facts

For our small shoot update, we were able to book a day at the same house as our previous video, along with the same actor wearing the same shirt. Can you tell which shot we updated?

There are only two existing 3D printed models of the new Link product. We had to ship our copy back to Fasetto on the morning of CES!

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