AMC - Life Imitates AMC 2

New Shows, Same Passion

The Ask

Following the success of their first fan-inspired campaign, AMC wanted to turn a corner from the shows that put them on the map and focus on their new shows that are quickly gaining loyal and enthusiastic followers.

The Solve

We scoured the Internet for fan art, tapping into the huge response from the 2015 campaign. What followed was a deep dive into the depths of the Internet, and the lengthy process of digging up contact information for artists all around the world, and getting permission to feature them in the spot.

In total, we utilized over seven staff members to comb through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, and Deviantart. We reached out to 93 artists in a process that took about six and a half weeks.

Working in close collaboration with the artists, we asked participants to film their own work and process. As their videos rolled in, we worked it all into a powerful editorial piece that features fan art inspired by nine different AMC shows.

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Fun Facts

This year featured a surprising number of artists who create work in temporary mediums… We’re glad we captured the balloons, cake, and latte art while they lasted.

Our balloon artist spent 100 hours and an awful lot of latex to create his Daryl Dixon balloon installation!

Our creative director insists that we should have set this commercial to Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

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