Turner Classic Movies - "Let's Movie" Tagline Integration Strategy and ID's

Let's Bogart... Hepburn... Satchmo... Bacall

The Ask

Turner Classic Movies came to us with a two-part request: First, they were looking for a strategy to infuse their new tagline and mantra, “Let’s Movie”, throughout the brand. Next, they wanted to develop a series of playful Brand IDs to magnify the message on-air and across TCM’s digital platforms.

The Solve

We analyzed TCM’s brand elements and break structure to develop a system leveraging the “Let’s Movie” credo while guiding viewers to upcoming programming and a host of other TCM experiences. We also designed a signature graphic device derived from their existing logo that would bring on core brand messaging.

From there, sharable Brand IDs were created to run on-air and on social platforms. The “Let’s” IDs reframed classic movie moments in unexpected and humorous ways, signaling to viewers that “Let’s Movie” is way more than a line; it’s a way of life.


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  • Client - Turner Classic Movies

Hatch Award - Silver

TV National Campaign

Fun Facts

We went ‘old school’ to visualize potential TCM break structures, using sequences of colored paper stuck to walls in our conference room.

While scrubbing through footage for our mash-up spots, it was hard not to get sucked into each amazing film. Had we succumbed to the temptation, we might still be in the "screening process.”

As a classic movie lover, our Creative Director deemed a couple of films to be “mandatory” for the campaign, including Dr. Strangelove and The Philadelphia Story, two of his personal favorites.

Client Quote:

Each time we have an opportunity to engage Viewpoint Creative, we know we are getting strategic insight plus outstanding and on-brand creative execution. We feel like Viewpoint Creative “gets us” and as a result, we are able to jump into conversations deep in the classic movie weeds without having to educate them. What a pleasure! Pola Chagnon
VP, Brand Creative Director & On-Air
Turner Classic Movies

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