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Shake It Til You Make It

The Ask

Blender Bottle products play a supporting role in the lives of athletes day after day as they push themselves to achieve more. As a company, Blender Bottle is dedicated to empowering people to achieve their health and fitness goals. They wanted to find a new way to encourage and empower their customers through a series of shareable ‘inspiration’ videos.

The Solve

The videos feature four very different kinds of athletes who have one thing in common: An inner voice that pushes them each to keep working, power through the fatigue, and reach their goals. Athletes of all fitness levels can relate to the doubts, fears and excuses that can hold them back. Here we tap into the motivation and focus they harness to keep going, inspiring viewers to do the same.


A.M. Workout



Behind The Scenes

How it was Received: Key Video Metrics

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Fun Facts:

In order to get the LAX field lights to "come on” we shot them “going off” and played them in reverse - challenge was, once they were off we had to wait 30 minutes in darkness for them to re-set before turning on and off again - that was the last shot of the night!

Our LAX player was Boston Cannons' Midfielder (MLL), Martin Bowes - his shots were coming in over 100 mph - we were praying the net would hold when we were behind it for the ‘score’ scenes.

Our runner was in such good shape he was barely winded, even on the most taxing takes.

Client Quote:

Working with Viewpoint has been a fantastic experience. In everything from the initial concept to the final cuts, they went above and beyond to create work we could all be proud of. Their experienced team is creative, capable, and professional. They have been a pleasure to work with. Michael Sorenson

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