TruTv - Impractical Jokers SEASON 4 PREMIERE


The Ask

TruTV wanted to do something special to kick off the fourth season of their most popular show, Impractical Jokers. They were looking for a funny, conceptual execution that would get longtime fans of the show extra excited for the premiere of a new season.

The Solve

We created a spot centering on the “unique” relationship between the Jokers, in which the line between best friend and worst enemy is frequently blurred. The Jokers each seek professional counseling, describing their dysfunctional friendship in grueling detail. Throughout the spot, the Jokers reference punishments and recurring gags that longtime fans know and love, while piquing the interest of viewers new to the show.

The Custom Built XXL Therapy Couch

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Fun Facts

Four-person relationship therapy isn’t exactly common practice. So we had a XXL therapist’s couch custom-built for the shoot.

The couch was designed to come in two pieces and then re-assembled in order to make it up the stairs leading to our location. “Look, no seams!"

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