NBC Boston - Image Spot

Capturing The Spirit Of Boston

This live action image spot for NBC 10 Boston is an homage to Boston and its people. Shot by our team around the city and suburbs, this piece shows Bostonians of all occupations, ages and walks of life. Despite their differences, though, they all share an uncompromising, unflinching and tireless spirit. And sure, Bostonians can be a little demanding, too. They expect nothing less than a 10. But luckily, that’s what NBC 10 strives for daily, making them the news that Boston demands.

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Fun Facts:

The image of the Prudential Center about halfway through the spot was shot from the 60th floor of One Dalton Street, still very much under construction.

To get the shot, the crew had to wear hard hats, gloves and safety goggles and ride the construction elevator, which you can see around 6-seconds.

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