Investigation Discovery - ID Channel Image Campaign

The Campaign

The Ask

Investigation Discovery, the leader in quality true crime storytelling, came to Viewpoint Creative to develop an image campaign establishing the network’s place as America’s #1 true crime network. “We wanted to plant our flag, reminding viewers and the entertainment community that we do this genre better than anyone else,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President.

The Solve

Viewpoint’s solution was to give viewers something they haven’t seen before: the strategy was all about ‘a new perspective” that literally “rips the roof off” the viewer’s expectations. During our creative research phase Viewpoint's Creative Director, David DiNisco, used early 20th century crime scene photos where police photographers used large tripods to hang the camera far above the victim as inspiration. It was shocking and completely riveting. We knew this was the way to go and would set ID apart.

Using an overhead perspective throughout the entire campaign along with continuous camera motion, Viewpoint linked together a variety of crime tableaus that capture the spirit and programming range of Investigation Discovery. The three day shoot included two days in studio and two days of drone cinematography, yielding elements for 60, 30 and 15 second spots, a series of powerful network ‘idents’, and content that can be distributed on ID’s social platforms.

"Revenge" - Social

"Bedroom" - Social

"Club" - Social

Behind the scenes

Behind the Shot

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Fun Facts

The drone boat/floating body shot was shot in Florida as we creative directed the scene remotely from Boston in the winter.

7 scenes were shot over the course of two days at a sound stage in Boston.

The chilling version of the 80’s song “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell, redone by Hidden Citizens, has over 72 million views on YouTube.

Five Viewpoint employees served as talent within the spot - can you spot them using our ‘team’ page bios?

Each scene incorporates an ID brand theme… obsession, revenge, passion/love, struggle/murder, detective work/evidence

Only one drone was murdered in the making of this spot.

Client Quote:

Viewpoint and ID continue to have an awesome collaborative relationship. They came up with a fascinating concept that fit the priorities of the network and executed it in a way that we think our current viewers will love and new viewers will be inspired to check us out. Matt Kendis
Senior Creative Director
Investigation Discovery

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