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Rebrand Campaign

The Ask

Breathe new life into Honey Dew’s nearly 50-year-old brand to elevate flattening sales. 

The Solve

For years, Honey Dew attempted to boost sales through product-centric advertising. What we suggested, however, was a brand-oriented campaign that didn’t focus on individual products but on creating an identity and a voice for Honey Dew that customers could relate to. Essentially, we wanted the brand to mean something and stand for something in customer’s minds. We didn’t just want people to stop in to buy a particular product; we wanted them to become brand loyalists. 

The final campaign and brand ethos was based on months of research into the brand’s current customers, as well as the customers of their competitors. Ultimately, we rooted their image to the New England spirit and local tradition of hard work. Along with streamlining their messaging, we streamlined the design, focusing on high-impact headlines and high-quality food imagery.

The campaign is rolling out everywhere targeted customers live and go: on radio, TV, billboards, pre-roll videos, social and point-of-purchase materials.

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Fun Facts

The hand you see coming out of the manhole cover at the beginning of our hero spot is our Director of Content John Murnane.

Client Quote:

We couldn’t be happier with the new direction. Viewpoint listened to us, they listened to our franchisees, they listened to our customers, and then they put together a campaign that crystalizes everything we stand for. Darlene Guenette
Managing Director
Honey Dew

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