Reebok - Head To Head Online Content

Race Day

The Ask

Create a series of online content for Reebok’s social outlets that follows ten of their brand athletes in a head-to-head Spartan Race. These pieces focus on Reebok's brand athletes' journey across the 13+ mile course - the goal: to engage, entertain and inspire Reebok’s current customer base and its targeted customer base.

The Solve

We plunged viewers into the adventure race experience utilizing drone-quad copters, GoPros and camera crews stationed around the mountainous course creating an experience that was as authentic as it was aspirational.

Spartan Race: The Athletes

Spartan Sunrise Timelapse

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  • Client - Reebok

Fun Fact:

The Spartan Beast at Killington Mnt, VT is comprised of a 13+ mile course with over 42 man-made and natural obstacles.

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