Direxion - Fellowship Of The Bold Campaign

The Bold Standard

The Ask

Direxion Funds came seeking a campaign that would expand the reach of their leveraged and inverse ETF products while stepping outside the tone of typical financial services marketing. They wanted a multi-platform solution as bold as their investors. We were happy to oblige.

The Solve

Leveraged ETFs are not for everyone. They are designed for sophisticated investors with a unique set of investment objectives. We created the “Fellowship of the Bold” campaign to speak to our target’s confident, intelligent mindset while encouraging like-minded traders to take the plunge. The campaign included, TV, online video and banner ads.


Icon Development


  • Client - Direxion

Fun Facts:

The Direxion “Hall of Heroes” is actually an entrance to the Boston Public Library. (We consider librarians heroes, too.) One of the four heroes flanking our lead wasn’t “acting”. They were playing a role they had in a previous career. Can you guess which one?

Client Quote:

Viewpoint Creative is the perfect mix of pithy, Mad Men style, creative punch, and new-media execution know how. I was impressed by their ability to emerse themselves in our business, and help “demonstrate” benefits to our audience, rather than just “tell”. DAVID FAJARDO

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