ESPN - Fantasy Football Campaign

Bringing Fantasy to Life

The Ask

ESPN came to us with a cheeky campaign concept to drive players to their Fantasy Football app. The essential premise was to juxtapose “Good Fantasy” and “Bad Fantasy.” ESPN Fantasy is one of ESPN’s biggest digital media priorities, so it was crucial to create a campaign that could deliver their message across platforms and have multiple iterations that could keep that message fresh over several weeks leading up to the start of football season.

The Solve

We put together a vision for the project, along with a detailed directorial treatment that showed exactly how we intended to bring the campaign to life. Then we got to work casting, propping, and planning a complex shoot. We found LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing) enthusiasts with a good sense of humor to fill in as extras on set. We shot 18 spots over the course of two days, and brought ESPN’s concept to fruition in multiple forms.

Web Takeover

Style Frames

Behind The Scenes

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Fun Facts

The Raven that appears on Malakai’s shoulder was a special order from a taxidermy shop. The bird had to be removed from a log that it was “permanently” perched on in order for Malakai to wear it.

Rather than casting and dressing multiple background actors, we recruited 12 actual LARPers, who impressed us with both their outfits and combat skills.

Some of our LARPers were so passionate that they kept up their combat throughout the day even when the cameras weren't rolling!

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