Travel Channel - Expedition Unknown

Expedition Unknown

The Ask

Travel Channel needed a launch spot and promo toolkit for their latest hit series featuring their newest star, Josh Gates. They had two goals: Highlight the amazing legends that Josh would explore this season and showcase his charismatic personality.

The Solve

Josh is a modern day Indiana Jones: part scientist and part adventurer. So we created a stylized, textured graphic world that literally put the man into the myths. This device allowed us to whisk Josh across the globe and into the worlds of Genghis Khan, Blackbeard, and King Arthur. We filmed Josh on green-screen and composited live action and graphics, giving this package a textured, stylized look while evoking the fun tone of the show. To wrap it all up, we developed the initial direction for the key art and created a secondary messaging toolkit in the style of the campaign.

IPM System


Original Design

Behind The Scenes

Key Art

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Fun Facts

Despite the fact that he was embarking on a three-month trip the day after the shoot, Josh brought has A-game to the set. It’s not always easy to give believable reactions in front of a green screen, but the host whipped out his acting chops and we were able to wrap an hour early!

We found out that even on set, Josh has a rescue team at the ready: He’s always wearing a Breitling watch that can emit a distress signal at the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency.

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