National Geographic Channel - Eat: The Story Of Food

A Timeline Of Taste

The Ask

National Geographic Channel wanted to tell the story of food through the ages. The three-night special offered an edible timeline of history that dug into food’s place in society. They came to us looking for a on-air and digital campaign giving viewers a taste of this upcoming event.

The Solve

We created a complete, cross-channel campaign consisting of on-air and throw-to-web spots and interactive banners. Our promos hit viewers on a gut level. While experts described the importance of food in history and culture, we treated the audience to a visceral array of the sights and sounds of cooking and eating – we married supplied program footage with scrumptious live action food scenes shot in our studio.

USA Today Page Takeover

Fox News Page Takeover

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  • Client - National Geographic Channel

Fun Facts:

We shot all of the tabletop scenes right here in our studio, all while Phoebe the dog tried to eat all our props.

Our receptionist, Janet, used the leftovers (the ones not covered in glue) to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for our entire team the day after the shoot.

Client Quote:

Strong design work, talented editors, great storytelling instincts…Viewpoint just gets it. They always make a good idea better. Tyler Korba

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