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posted on 29th October 2018
by Emily Brennan
in Inside Viewpoint

In this week's episode of Meet the Team Monday, we're introducing one of the newest members to the Viewpoint team, Director of Strategy & Client Services, Lianne!

Describe your job here at Viewpoint!
I help manage and grow clients’ businesses by providing superior service, strategic thinking and ideas to uniquely position them in the marketplace and effectively connect with their customers.

When you first took a look at our website, which project were you most impressed with?
I am impressed by the body of work we’ve conceptualized and produced for the entertainment industry. Some of the notable projects are the promo for the new Billions season on Showtime, the promotional campaign for ID Channel’s Vanishing Women series, and the Travel Channel brand refresh.

What’s the last book you’ve read?
I’m finishing up Lost Light by Michael Connelly. I love anything that involves crime and mystery, and I’m fascinated with serial killers and executions. The first book I remember reading of this genre was The Executioner’s Song by Norman Mailer.

What are 2 truths and a lie about you?
Although I’ve always been an athlete I didn’t take up soccer until my 30’s and have fallen in love with the sport; I play every Sunday. Last year I became a grandmother for the first time to an adorable grandson who I cherish. I became a pescatarian about a decade ago and have found it to be life-changing since it is such a clean diet for me. Guess which one is a lie!

You’ve just won the Mega Millions! What’s your first big purchase?
A one-way ticket on a private jet to Maui, Hawaii.

What advice do you have for those just starting their career in marketing or strategy?
Be curious, listen, and insert your personality and passion in everything that you do.

Name 3 of the coolest things inside your home.

1. A Caribbean painting from St. John’s VI in which the girl in the painting looks like our daughter

2. A charcoal painting that my daughter did of The Church of Santa Croce when she was in Florence, Italy

3. An urn containing ashes of my late 20-year old cat, Casey

What has been your favorite part about working at Viewpoint so far?
The amazingly talented people that work here. I have worked at agencies most of my career and I am impressed by the quality of the work, the ideas, and the capabilities that are in-house for a boutique agency like Viewpoint.

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Meet Lianne, Viewpoint Creative's Director of Strategy & Client Services. Find out what she'd do if she won the Mega Millions, and what advice she has for those starting out their careers in marketing & strategy.
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