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posted on 25th August 2018
by Dave Shilale
in Video Marketing

Informing the customer buying experience with engaging content is a powerful tool every marketer needs. Strong copy and a solid base on social media aren’t enough. Immersive product videos allow you to isolate segments of your target audience and answer all the questions they may have in a short, digestible and information-packed video.

The Tangible Power of Video

Time and time again, video marketing has proven to be greatly effective in generating sales and building brand awareness. A specific boost in effectiveness has been seen with product videos. According to marketers polled in a Wyzowl survey about video content production:

1. 97% agreed that video marketing helped customers understand more about their products.
2. 83% of video produced strong ROI.
3. 91% of consumers polled in the study say they have watched an explanation video of the product before buying.

So the power of video is real when it comes to informing the purchase decision of a potential customer.

Product Videos Inform Customers Early On

From a customer service point of view, product videos are of huge value because they offer the following benefits:

INFORMATIONAL. They answer key questions consumers may have, sometimes before they even realize they have those questions! If the length of the video is sufficient and the personality of the video are to the viewers liking, then you have just made yourself a sale by presenting the product doing exactly what it does best. Take the Viewpoint Creative videos for 100 Summer Street, for example. We made a series of 13 online videos, isolating each value proposition for a business looking to rent commercial space downtown. A combination of visuals, interviews, and data brought each video together. We hit the demographic our client was aiming for by answering all the key questions a customer might have about the building.

PRACTICAL. Provides a practical insight into how the product is meant to be used. Highlighting the issues a product can solve is important because it clarifies use-value to the viewer. A lot of customer service time is spent answering questions that could otherwise be addressed in a well put together product video.

ENGAGING. Product videos draw people in and get them thinking about how they would benefit from a new phone, new apartment, renewed subscription, etc. It is also a great way to engage mobile searchers in the era of research-obsessed consumers. People are using their phones to search for answers to specific questions. Reading a detailed explanation of how to use a product is difficult when on the move or even lounging at home. However, a product video devoted exclusively to the issue is exactly what they want to see. They will be fully informed and engaged without having to search through your site, send any emails, or visit any shop.

All About Information and Tone

The use of video in generating consumer interest is only going to become more prevalent as mobile search increases and YouTube enters the marketing arena for good. Companies need to harness the power of YouTube because it currently ranks as the second most popular search engine and has shown particular popularity amongst millennials, most of whom will only buy something if they can watch a product video first.

This brings us to the important question of tone in the video. As most successful product videos portray, the tone needs to fit the audience you are appealing to. Most audiences respond better to content with cultural reference points and humor. The question is: what demographic are you appealing too, and what kind of reference points will resonate with them? For example, if your mobile app company quotes Andy Kaufman in a product video, chances are your millennial demographic will not relate. Also, be careful not to stylize your work too much. Sometimes people just want to learn how a product works.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Real, And Always Put the Customer First

Finally, in developing scripts and topics for your product video, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What do they want? What challenges or questions does your product solve for them? How are you making their life better, smarter, easier, more informed? With this as your foundation, it will only be a matter of time before you join the ranks of product videos that go viral on YouTube.

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Product videos create an immersive experience for your customers, allowing you to isolate segments of your target audience and answer all the questions they may have in a short, digestible, information-packed video.
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