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posted on 6th August 2018
by Emily Brennan
in Inside Viewpoint

In case you didn't notice, we Viewpointers are MAJOR dog lovers! In this new blog series, we want to formally introduce our friendly furry companions that sit loyally by our desks each day! This week, we interviewed Georgie, the cutie who loves to be the center of attention and is always making everyone smile!

How old are you?
I am 2 years and a few months (Some nice people rescued me when I was a puppy so this is a bit of a guess!)

What’s your favorite food or treats?
I love my mom but she is a boring vegetarian. She gives me roasted sweet potatoes which I like but I really like it when I stay at my aunt Sarah’s because she gives me CHICKEN but I love all food and treats!

Where is your favorite spot to hangout in the Viewpoint office?
By my mom of course but occasionally I hang out on my work boyfriend, Carlo’s couch. I also love the afternoon sunbeam by Emily and anywhere near Sarah’s desk. I love her.

What would you do if someone brought a cat into the office?
I would stare and be curious. I currently am having an interspecies romance with Louie, the yellow tabby cat who lives next door. It’s pretty one sided at this point but I’m hoping to work my way in to his heart with my charm & enthusiasm.

Can you tell us one thing you like to do when nobody’s watching you?
I lick my privates (well I’ll do this when people are looking too)

Here is your chance, is there anything you want to say to the Viewpoint team?
I love you all. Thank you for all the treats and ear scratches and belly rubs and for letting me come here to hang out with you all every day.

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In this blog post, we formally introduce one of the furry companions who frequent the Viewpoint office! Want to get to know our one and only Georgie? Keep on reading!
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