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posted on 18th December 2018
by Emily Brennan
in Inside Viewpoint

The Agency Playset - Viewpoint's 2018 Holiday Card

This year, we be created a promo for what will surely be the hottest toy of the holiday season — The Agency Playset, with all the personnel your child needs to run their very own small to mid sized agency.

The spot is written and shot in the nostalgic style of toy commercials past (think: He Man and GI Joe) and features overly enthusiastic children playing with and crooning over the various action figures, like The Editor, so pale he glows in the dark! Or the Creative Director with working inflatable ego — grows right before your eyes! We’ve got a figurine for everyone in the office, even the IT Guy.

But of course, every agency needs its clients, and we’ve created our own villainous assembly (each sold separately, batteries not included). There’s The 5 O’Clocker, a grim reaper-type figure who brings death to your evening plans. And there’s Mr. Buzz-Killington, who has no qualms about asking you to work Saturdays. But the most feared client of them all is… The Tank, who blows up budgets, timelines and self-esteems wherever he rolls.

And if that’s still not enough, we’ve made expansion packs. From the Stretch Budget to the Free Bag Of Interns with mail in rebate, we’ve thought of everything your child needs to simulate the authentic ad agency experience.

The Agency Playset from VC Toys. Find it wherever toys are sold.

As an added bonus, we’ve also created a functioning VC Toys website where customers can “buy” the playset and expansion packs, as well as VC Toys Facebook & Instagram accounts to promote the products.

The Agency Playset also premiered on The CW's Greatest Holiday Video Countdown on December 18th, coming in at the #4 spot.

"We had the most fun with constructing the physical agency building. Initially, we talked about one large, open concept room, but once we got to building it, it morphed into 6 rooms with an editor cave, an attic and a smoking patio. We had a lot of fun designing the walls and propping the building, too. There are a lot of hidden jokes in the art and desk ornaments. Its amazing how much you can make using Home Depot free samples. We also created additional “extras” outside of our featured agency dolls to fill the space, one of which was made to look exactly like our Director of Editorial, Dave."

- Jon Anderson, Senior Creative Editor/The Agency Playset Innovator

See all 6 videos + Behind The Scenes on the VC Toys Youtube Channel!

(If this whole “advertising” thing doesn’t work out, we really think we’ve got a future in the toy biz.)

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The official 2018 Viewpoint Creative Holiday Card! ~The holiday season’s hottest toy is here! It’s the all new Agency Playset. Now boys and girls across the country can experience the joy of working at their very own ad agency!~
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