Direxion - Direxion Inverse ETF Campaign

Worriers Welcome

The Ask

Direxion wanted to introduce their product line of inverse investments to financial professionals seeking a hedge against market downturns. They were looking for a campaign with crystal clear messaging and a unique creative approach that would stand out in a financial marketplace over-stuffed with advertising clichés.

The Solve

We created a fully integrated campaign that “welcomes worriers” across multiple consumer touch points. Using an illustrative style that is distinctly non-traditional, we celebrated those wise traders who know that ‘for every up, there is a down’ -- and want to take advantage of it. The campaign included interactive banner ads, pre-roll animations, print and TV.

Print Campaign

Static Web Banner

In Context

Interactive Banners

Design Exploration

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Fun Fact

Our gold miners interactive banner was inspired by the mine cart chase in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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