Nat Geo WILD - Destination Wild

Sunday Night Gets Wild

The Ask

For Nat Geo Wild, Sunday night means brand new content. Their Sunday night debuts take viewers across the globe – and throughout the animal kingdom. We could be looking at spiders one week and flamingos the next. They came to Viewpoint looking for a way to promote their Sunday Night programming and attract a more consistent viewership by uniting these very different documentaries under a common moniker: Destination Wild.

The Solve

We created a full graphics package and a unique promo structure to define Destination Wild. We gave it an original look and a distinct voice. At the same time, we gave it the flexibility to encompass Nat Geo Wild’s vast array of Sunday night subject matter. It’s colorful, engaging, and fun. And it lets viewers know they are in for something original, fascinating, and above all, wild.

Spider House Promo

Crimson Wing Promo

Land of the Lemurs Promo

Giant Sea Serpent Promo

A Whale's Tale Promo

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Fun Fact:

We learned a lot doing this project. Perhaps most importantly that pilot whales dive down to the darkest part of the ocean and battle giant squids to the death – all while holding their breath!

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