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What are you fighting for?

The Ask

Create flagship image spots and a social video campaign promoting the return of Mark Burnett’s hit reality series, “The Contender” while appealing to boxing fan and non-boxing fan, alike.

The Solve

To achieve our goal, we built around a central unifying theme: “we are all fighting for something.”

As we conceptualized our TV content, we avoided the traditional fight promotion approach and emphasized the human drama of the series, revealing the personal struggles of the fighters outside the ring – counterpointing it with hard-hitting training footage.

For social, we took this same thinking to the streets, getting everyday people from all walks of life to tell us what they are fighting for. And the results are powerful.

Viewpoint also created all the graphic elements for the campaign.

Social Campaign

Style Frames


In Progress

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Fun Facts:

Due to an impending storm, the NYC shoot of our social campaign was almost canceled! Luckily, the weather turned in our favor.

The Viewpoint team interviewed a total of 62 people in NYC and Boston.

We received some incredible responses during our interviews. People were fighting for: their sobriety, immigration rights, world peace, giving back, family, literacy, and equal opportunity.

Client Quote:

The team at Viewpoint were creative, collaborative and a breeze to work with. Easily the best shoot experience this New Yorker ever had in Boston, even with Boston traffic. Jason Bylan
Creative Director

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