WE - Co-Branded Franchise With Coppertone & Honey Maid

Formula For Fun

The Ask

Great co-branding means your brand plus their brand equals more than the sum of the parts. WEtv was looking for exactly that kind of result with summertime campaigns featuring their partners, Coppertone and Honey Maid.

The Solve

We developed a series of whimsical graphic equations that literally show how the “Power of WE” plus great products like Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen and Honey Maid graham crackers add up to summertime fun. It’s a winning formula that can make almost any brand look pretty darn smart.

Coppertone Design Frames

Honey Maid Design Frames

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  • Client - WE

Fun Facts:

No mathematicians were consulted in the making of these spots.

For the most accurate flip flop sound effects, a Foley session was recorded with the Designer’s Flip Flops.

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