Showtime - Billions Season 3 Trailer

Billions Season 3

The Ask

Launch season 3 of Billions, capturing all the power-hungry mania and delicious drama that has made this series a smash hit. We needed to introduce hardcore fans to new story lines, while also inviting new viewers into the fold.

The trailer had to speak to two audiences: television critics at the TCA and home-viewers hungry for a first-look on-air and online.

The Solve

Working initially from scripts to create a paper cut, we crafted a narrative that would keep Chuck and Axe at the center of the drama while carefully folding in new characters and storylines. As footage came in, the edit came together with music building hand in hand with the conflict. The trailer was released on January 6th and has since received over 1.3 million views on Showtime's Youtube channel.

Online Response:

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Fun Facts:

Our editors screened over 40 hours of show footage and dailies to tell the story.

Billions pulled the largest audience for any TV pilot in the history of Showtime!

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